orange with cream assorted pita pats

orange with cream assorted pita pats


QUANTITY AVAILABILE: V's = 2, small dots = 3, large dots = 3, zanzibar = 3, persian rosso = 2, persian fudge = 2, This makes a great combination pattern necklace


Kazuri colors: rosso orange, fudge
Kazuri pattern: jazzy v's, large dots, small dots, persian, zanzibar
Kazuri shape: pita pat
pita pat standard size: 22-24 mm
pita pat mini size: 18-20mm
hole size: 1 to 1.5 mm

We added coordinating beads in the pictures as a suggestion. Please contact us if you would like us to assist you in choosing a collection. Or click on the bead collections tab for more ideas.

NOTE: All ceramic beads are hand made at Kazuri Beads Kenya (see Kazuri tab). Because this product is made totally by hand and painted with free-hand designs, slight variations and imperfections are to be expected in the product. We believe this adds to the beauty of the hand-made design. Measurements are approximate.