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red and black prayer beads

red and black prayer beads


Protestant prayer bead sets consist of thirty-four beads divided into groups. There are four groups consisting of seven beads with four larger beads separating the groups. The number thirty three signifies the number of years that Christ lived on the Earth. The number seven signifies wholeness or completion in the faith, the days of creation, and the seasons of the Church Year. These can be used in a variety of ways for prayer and meditation. This set is made fully with African Kazuri hand made beads accented with white glass seed beads.


Kazuri colors: black, red

Kazuri pattern: criss-cross, solid

Kazuri shape: round

bead size: 12-18 mm

cross: metal-brushed silver tone


NOTE: All ceramic beads are hand made at Kazuri Beads Kenya (see Kazuri tab). Because this product is made totally by hand and painted with free-hand designs, slight variations and imperfections are to be expected in the product. We believe this adds to the beauty of the hand-made design.

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