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Our Story

Kazuri Beads in Nairobi, Kenya fascinates all who visit. Melette Meloy, designer and co-owner of MeShe Jewelry, was awestruck at the sight of hundreds of African women making little ceramic beads by hand. And the Kazuri story truly inspires the heart. So she bought a Kazuri necklace for her pal, Sheila King, co-owner and designer, and that was probably the moment MeShe Jewelry began. For two Girly-Girls like Melette and Sheila who love glitz and glam and crafts and a challenge, the jewelry business was a natural.


But MeShe is not just about glitz and glam. As volunteers for the Family Alliance of Paulding County, Inc. and helping single mothers in dire situations, Melette and Sheila's heart went out to those disadvantaged single mothers in Kenya working at Kazuri Beads to support their families. By incorporating Kazuri beads into their domestic designs and donating a portion of their proceeds to Gateway to Victory Learning Center in Kericho, Kenya, MeShe truly gives back in many ways. 

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