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Gateway to Victory Learning Center

Kenya, like our jewelry, showcases exotic beauty. But it is also a country like many others in Africa where extreme poverty, starvation, and disease abound. Orphaned children go hungry and homeless with no adult to care for them. 

In 2007, one of our co-founders, Melette Meloy, took her first mission trip to Kenya. In June, 2015 she completed her sixteenth trip working tirelessly in the mission field while Sheila King, our other co-founder, worked hard at home to maintain the business in support. In 2013, Sheila accompanied Melette for the first time to Kenya and returned again in June, 2015.


Dallas First United Methodist, our home church, sends frequent mission teams to support various Kenya projects, including famine relief, medical, evangelism, and building projects. They helped support the building of a school, Gateway to Victory Learning Center, for orphans and vulnerable children in Kericho, Kenya. Gateway to Victory, Inc. became a non-profit (501)(c)(3) in January, 2015.

We are truly a part of something beautiful and changing lives for many generations to come. MeShe donates a portion of profits to Gateway so your purchase helps feed and educate a starving child. Please consider an additional donation by clicking the link below or you can become a sponsor of one of our beautiful children for $35 per month. Through your tax-deductible donations to Gateway to Victory, Inc., you can be a part of something beautiful too.

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