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yellow and white giraffe pattern bracelet

yellow and white giraffe pattern bracelet

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
This bracelet is designed with yellow and white giraffe pattern Kazuri beads along with solid yellow Kazuri beads.  These beautiful beads are enhanced with silver-tone metal beads and yellow crystal beads.

bracelet length - approx: 8 inches
cording - stretch

All ceramic beads are hand made at Kazuri Beads-Kenya.

NOTE: Because this product is made totally by hand and painted with free-hand designs, slight variations and imperfections are to be expected in the product. We believe this adds to the beauty of the hand-made design. All lengths are approximate.
  • care instructions

    Please store in a box with non-tarnish cotton or sealed bag to prevent tarnishing of silver or silver plated components.

  • product info

    In addition to the handmade Kazuri beads, all jewelry is mixed with glass, metal, and other manufactured beads to make the pleasing designs you see.

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